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  • PROAIM Sway Camera Slider For Mirrorless Camera

PROAIM Sway Camera Slider For Mirrorless Camera

  • Brand: Proaim
  • Product Code: SL-051-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM890.00
  • RM690.00   ( All prices inclusive 0% GST. )

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  • A NEW AGE IN CAMERA SLIDER – Smart design and well thought-out Features.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE Slider, Constructed from CNC Aluminum for cameras up to 2.5kg / 5.5lb.
  • Get smooth consistent shots with FRICTION ADJUSTMENT KNOB.
  • 4 TIMES CAMERA TRAVEL in flawless straight line; covers wider footage.
  • Complete TRAVEL FRIENDLY, easy to transport in backpacks.
  • TRIPOD MOUNTABLE via standard 3/8″-16 port.
  • Load Capacity: 2.5kg / 5.5lb
  • Folded Slider length: 5.7inch
  • Opened one sided length: 9.8inch
  • Camera Travels : 1.3ft
  • Product Weight : 560g / 1.2lb

A Slider Without Being A Slider!

A camera slider consists of rails and some kind of carriage for the camera, right? Well, with the newest addition to our line-up, we say otherwise. Proaim proudly launches ‘Sway’, a camera slider without actually being a slider. The Proaim Sway is small, yet features a very well thought-out construction. It is for lighter camera setups with payload up to  2.5kg / 5.5lbs. It is a go-to slider with its lightweight and super durable design. 

Sway moves with the camera and always stays clear of your frame. It’s a mechanical slider, you can use the slider anytime and anywhere without getting dependent on external power, programming and other hurdles, which is always a good thing.

camera slider

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CNC machined aluminum constructed Slider is completely manual and a mechanical device. The whole device consists of two parts which engage with each other in a very precise way. One end of the Sway attaches to the tripod via a standard 3/8″-16 mounting port, the camera is then attached to the other side via 1/4″-20 screw.

double length camera slider


Both the parts of the slider are held together by a friction adjustment knob, for silky smooth and consistent glides.

slider for DSLR cameras


Delivers a perfect straight line for your camera to glide-on and covers 4 times the length of the folded slider itself. You can perform left-to-right moves as well as push-in and pull-out moves,without the slider getting into the frame.

DSLM camera slider 

A New Age in Camera Slider!

camera slider


This slider loves to travel and will go to places no slider has ever been before. It is extremely easy to transport in backpacks or as carry-on luggage.

slider for cameras 

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