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  • ZOOM F4 Multitrack Field Recorder with Timecode

ZOOM F4 Multitrack Field Recorder with Timecode

  • Brand: Zoom
  • Product Code: ZOOMF4
  • Availability: Ships Within 2-14 Working Days
  • RM2,899.00
  • RM2,845.00   ( All prices inclusive 0% GST. )

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    1. Integrated Mixer
    2. Compatible with Optional Zoom Mics
    3. Resolution: 24-Bit/192 kHz
    4. Four Combo XLR-1/4" Inputs
    5. High-Quality Preamps with Phantom Power
    6. Built-In Limiters on Every Input/Output
    7. Easy-to-Read LCD Display
    8. Temperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
    9. Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator
    10. Includes Cubase LE and Wavelab LE


      Value-packed Recorder for Filmmakers and Sound Designers

      The Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder is an outstanding portable recorder on a budget, ideal for serious filmmakers and sound designers. Four super low-noise preamps record at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution to give you the highest-quality audio for any project, with precision audio/video synching thanks to ultra-precise Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) clocking. A large LCD display and dedicated gain knobs and PFL/Solo switches for each channel make the F4 easy to operate in any situation. This compact unit also boasts remote app control, BNC Time Code I/O, onboard limiters, and much more. You'll be able to capture world-class audio with Zoom's powerful F4 Multitrack Field Recorder.

      Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder at a Glance:
      Flexible input and output options for any situation
      Capture takes with confidence, with dual-channel recording mode
      Monitor your audio your way

      Flexible input and output options for any situationOne of the things that makes the Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder a field-recording workhorse is its extensive I/O designed with filmmakers and sound designers in mind. On the body of the F4 alone, you'll find four locking Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks, each with its own gain control, 6-segment LED level meter, and PFL/Solo button. These inputs let you connect anything from phantom-powered condenser microphones to line-level sources. Cooler still is the F4's modular expansion port, which lets you connect any of Zoom's acclaimed mic capsules. Read all about them in our Zoom Capsule Buying Guide. As for monitoring, the F4 offers both a line and a headphone out. Sweetwater can confirm the Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder has the functionality and I/O you need for a wide range of field recording applications.Capture takes with confidence, with dual-channel recording mode

      Enable dual-channel recording mode on the Zoom F4 to create "safety tracks" for inputs 1 and 2. These safety tracks can have their own settings for level, limiting, delay, phase inversion, and highpass filtering. When capturing a take is absolutely crucial, you need to know without question that you're recording quality audio, and the Zoom F4's dual-channel recording mode makes that possible.

      Monitor your audio your wayWhen you need to hear your audio in the field, you'll appreciate the powerful and flexible monitor section of the Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder. It's important to check your levels on the fly when you're filming or sampling audio. You can easily monitor single tracks or multiple tracks via easy-to-use front-panel controls and a convenient 1/4" headphone output. Menu controls let you route audio to your left or right headphone channel, pre- or post-fader, or even mono. The powerful 100mW headphone amp has enough volume for even the noisiest situations. There is also a set of XLR outputs for sending audio to your studio monitors. The Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder will help you make the most of your recording time with its comprehensive monitoring solutions.

      in the box

      1. Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder with Timecode - 6 Inputs / 8 Tracks
      2. Camera-Mount Adapter
      3. Zoom AD-19 12 VAC Adapter
      4. Cubase LE Download Code
      5. Wavelab LE Download Code
      6. Limited 1-Year Warranty

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