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  • Camtree X2 Follow Focus Kit (FF-X2)

Camtree X2 Follow Focus Kit (FF-X2)

  • Brand: Camtree
  • Product Code: camtree1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM490.00 ( All prices inclusive 0% GST. )

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Nearer the shot, more instinctive is the value !

Getting precise focus is paramount for any production! Make it more rewarding with our X2 Follow Focus Kit. 

Achieve critical focus of any level easily like a breeze with our Camtree X2 Follow Focus Kit! Make it simple, easy and perfect each time! 

For a budget price of just $125, it brags about tools like 15” follow focus whip, a removable magnetic dry erase marking disk for better focusing and a set of six follow focus gear rings for multiangle viewing. To add to your surprise, you get all these productive add-ons as complimentary, which cost about hundreds of dollar in the market! 

Whether creating great focus effects or tracking movements fluidly, this pro piece of gear produces jaw dropping results. 

follow focus gear ring


->  Magnetic marking disc
->  Follow Focus Mount (s) on 15mm support rods 
->  Positional indicator
->  Improved design for easy operation and long life usage
->  Unbeatable value added price
->  Universal 15" follow focus whip for hands off operation
->  Most precise, best follow focus in the market
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
dslr follow focus


3d follow focus

In keeping with the technological advances in image capture, Camtree has recently introduced Camtree X2 Follow Focus kit. A quality, full featured, fast focus product, equal to the most modern DV/HDV/DSLR camera lenses available today. A Follow Focus fully assembled with precision and accuracy of control at the most affordable price is a perfect companion to today’s lens technology. 

follow focus



->  Camtree X2 Follow Focus
->  Follow Focus Gear Rings Set (55mm-110mm)
->  15" Cine Follow Focus Whip

Video is for DEMONSTRATION purpose only



->  Designed by professionals for professionals. 
->  Gear driven operation for slip-free, accurate movement. 
->  Magnetic position indicator. 
->  X2 follow focus has newly designed gearbox for play-free performance. 
->  Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter. 
->  Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with Follow Focus 
     industry standard 0.8 module. 
->  The 6 follow focus gear rings allows you to use all standard lenses with 
     Camtree Follow Focus Kit. 
->  Smooth as silk no vibration focus pulls. 

pro follow focus
Robust yet lightweight piece of equipment to compose your shots
EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Cage & Rods


->  Construction - Follow Focus - Aluminum Black Anodized
->  Drive gear - Aluminum Silver Anodized
->  Follow focus gear rings made up of ABS
->  Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
->  Drive gear diameter - 38mm
->  Dial Outside Diameter - 80mm (of white wheel)
->  Follow Focus Wt. - 310 gms
->  Wt with packing - 1.5Kgs
->  Magnetic marking disk
->  Material of follow focus whip - Steel spring, Plastic
->  Length of follow focus whip - 15"/380mm
->  Connector size of follow focus whip - 12mm x 12mm

follow focus kit
Smooth, quiet and ergonomic in operation



Our universal 15" follow focus whip is constructed with a flexible steel shaft and industrial grade plastic fittings. It easily attaches to any Follow Focus control with a standard accessory port (size:12mm x 12mm) for easy handling. 

The included 6 follow focus gear rings fits all standard lenses when using our Camtree Follow Focus Kit.

canon t2i follow focus
An ultra-affordable professional solution without compromising performance



->  Provides greater precision and control over focus
->  Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a 
     Follow Focus industry-standard 0.8 module
->  Durable as well as flexible construction
->  Gear pitch - 2.51mm
->  Module - 0.8
->  No. of gear teeth - 107
->  Screw diameter - 4 mm


follow focus dslr
Agile and smooth with great focusing technique


arri follow focus
Advanced lockable focus control

canon 550d follow focus

An extremely accurate follow focus that allows the 
operator or assistant to pull focus

follow focus ring
Offers slack-free performance
Exclusive of Camera, Head, Shoulder Support and Tripod Stand

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