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  • Camtree Hunt Swift Cage (CH-SWFT-C100)

Camtree Hunt Swift Cage (CH-SWFT-C100)

  • Product Code: (CH-SWFT-C100)
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Freedom of movement, fast access and flexibility are the words that best describes our Camtree Hunt Swift Cage.

Combined with the quality and precision, our ergonomically designed swift cage shields your camera and transforms it into production ready tool. 

Master crafted with high caliber performance gets you boundless shots anywhere with lot of ease and remarkably extends your creativity.

Turns your shaky videos into cinematic masterpieces and have precise motion control capability that fits in your backpack. 

Let technological excellence brings wonders for you !!

Cage for video
->  Cost Effective & Fast setup
->  Handheld - shoulder support - tripod mount versatility 
->  Quality crafted for durable long life service 
->  The look, the feel, the colours, the size, the shape – Best of all
->  Best buy pro quality gear in budget
->  Respected International reputation for quality in all that we do

Cage c100 Cinema Camera 

(Revised on 21-Apr-2016)
camtree Swift cage

There are an infinite host of video camera cage (s) available for the DSLR video shooter these days. From the big brands to smaller machinists, it is easy to find something that will get the job done. But, difficult is to find something that gets the job done WELL. This is where the Camtree Hunt Swift Cage for DSLR / Canon EOS C100 Cinema camera comes in! The move to video shooting with DSLR cameras has been well noted that market place continues to grow. 

Prosumer operators in many non-broadcast areas like wedding photography/video, corporate communications and POP production, are using new multi-function technology to produce 'stills' and video alike. Even serious amateurs beyond point and shoot, embrace the flexibility to accessorize and match production requirements with our Camtree Hunt Swift Cage for DSLR / Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera (CH-SWFT-C100) for professional results.

Cage c100 Cinema Camera


->  CAMTREE Hunt Swift Cage Consists of : 

  1. Camera Base Plate  6. Cold Shoe Mount
  2. Locking Side Bars  7. Blue/Red Locking Bars
  3. Top Handle  8. 15mm Rod Adapter
  4. Lens Support  9. Side Brackets With Rosette
  5. 300mm & 200mm Rods  10. Locking Bars

video cage
Superior material for long-term use

Video are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only


->  Stylish & uniquely designed top handle.
->  Extremely lightweight & durable yet very strong & sturdy.
->  Provides many breakpoints and threads, where accessories can be attached.
->  Designed to allow camera operators to quickly and easily switch between 
     tripod and shoulder pad. 
->  Compatible with EOS C100, C300, C500 , DSLR 5D , 5D MarkII etc. 


->  CNC precision made aluminum construction.
->  15mm industrial standard 200mm & 300mm long Aluminum rods.
->  Camera Threaded screw mounts of 1/4"-20 .
->  Tripod Threaded screw mounts of 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16. 


The kit is used for assembling custom camera cages. The kit can be customized to be used with the cameras that are 4.7" (120mm) wide and 7.5" (190mm) in height. 

The included 4 black corners with a 90° angle feature a 30° short and 60° long leg. These corners perfectly match to the various camera shapes. Each included locking bar comes with 4 connecting screws. 

ultraCage for c100
Marvelous Cage that uplifts your production


The Carrying top Handle for SWIFT video Cage fits on in all directions, on top and on the side. The 15mm adapter features an anti-twist insert, and double sided rod clamping. 
kamera cage


Cold Shoe made from aluminum, The shoe is machined out of one single piece of aluminum, which provides greater strength. 
canon dslr support


The blue 2.75" Locking Bars for UNI Cage help to extend the Video Cage by 2.75" (70mm). It comes as a pair to increase the length or width of the SWIFT Camera Cage. 
kamera cage

nikon cage


The red 1.4" Locking Bars for SWIFT Cage help to extend the Cage by 1.4" (35mm). It comes as a pair to increase the length or width of the SWIFT Video Camera Cage. 


The black Locking Bars for SWIFT Cage are suitable to use with SWIFT dslr Cage. 
cam cage

video cinematography cage


The Camera Base Plate has been developed specifically for the popular DSLR, Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera etc. cameras, this base plate can be configured in a number of ways to achieve perfect balance for handheld use or on a tripod. 


The 15mm Tripod Mounting base having both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes for standard tripods. This base is complete made of black anodized aluminum. The knobs are aluminum silver anodized. 
viewfactor camera cage

camera cage for canon c100


Phenomenal design allows easy access without getting into the way of your camera function.


Handheld Cage
Usual Custom Cage
Handheld Cage
Capture truly cinematic shots
ideal for handheld and tripod work
Built tough to provide long lasting durability and protection
camera quick cage
Smart asset that delivers excellent results
Camera protecting cage
Allow you to make professional style shots
Exclusive of Camera, Matte Box, Follow Focus, Tripod Stand, Fluid Head, 
Mic, Battery, Mounting Arm & Battery Plate

Cage c100 Cinema Camera

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