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  • CAMTREE HUNT professional camera cage for BMPCC

CAMTREE HUNT professional camera cage for BMPCC

  • Brand: Camtree
  • Product Code: KSR4526
  • Availability: Ships Within 2-14 Working Days
  • RM890.00 ( All prices inclusive 0% GST. )

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Here’s an ingenious cage solution for your Precious cameras by Camtree!

Designed around the shooting methods used on BMPC setup, the cage BMPCC closely mimics the feel of a true film camera.

Manipulate your camera with a sleek and functionally crafted lightweight BMPCC camera cage.

It features an adjustable wooden Top handle and a great platform for infinite combination of mounting points.

Many products in today’s highly competitive world seem to produce beautiful image quality, but don’t really offer anything new, unique or exciting.

Our Black Magic Pocket camera cage for CAMTREE defies the norm with genuine utility and plenty of wow-factor. 

Protect your camera with this beautifully crafted, professional-level blackmagic camera support that add structure, safety and convenience to your BMPCC set up at an unbeatable price! 

Mega Bundle of Quality add-Ons
->  Perfect protection for the BlackMagic Pocket Camera
->  Ergonomicly and effectively designed to fit your shooting style 
->  Performance oriented, professional quality BMPCC Cage
->  Stylish & uniquely designed top handle
->  Strong, sturdy and well balanced set-up
->  Provides a more stable and secure mounting apparatus to your subject
->  Perfect balance between strength and light weight 


The BMPCC Cage has been designed to perfectly fit around your Black Magic Pocket Camera. Keep your camera small but protected or build it up with several of the available accessories to make it into a full production ready system. Prosumer operators in many non-broadcast areas like wedding photography/video, corporate communications and POP production, are using new multi-function technology to produce 'stills' and video alike. It embraces the flexibility to accessorize and match production requirements with our Camtree Hunt professional BMPCC Cage for professional results. It is a well thought out system that is highly configurable and adaptable to the daily demands of production.

The Black Magic Pocket camera protects the camera body, significantly improves handheld shooting possibilities and adds a multitude of accessory attachment points. It provides rugged construction, expandability, and user functionality that other cages can’t match. 


->  Black Magic Pocket Camera Cage with Top Handle
->  Wire Clamp
->  COMPLIMENATRY Accessories

Ultra Compact, Easy to Handle
Exclusive of Camera


->  Heavy Duty all aluminum/metal construction.
->  Wooden grip handles. 
->  Bottom pocket designed for excellent ventilation. 
->  Wide, sturdy wooden handles for smooth operation. 
->  Ideal configuration for EVF, monitor and other accessories.
->  Multiple accessory mounting points.
->  Easy handheld and tripod mounting ability.
->  Versatile, lightweight, affordable and best of all.

Ergonomically designed to protect your Camera

->  CNC machined components
->  Compatible with BMPC
->  1/4" and 3/8" holes for mounting accessories
->  15mm Rod Adapter




Adjustable Soft wooden Handle & easy to grip move it up and down according to your need



BMPC Cage has been designed to perfectly fit around your Black Magic Pocket Camera. It features multiple 1/4 and 3/8 mounting locations in addition to two slots for a camera strap.


The 15mm rod adapter with 60mm central distance perfectly work with 15mm industrial standard rods.


CAMTREE HUNT professional camera cage for blackmagic pocket camera comes in a foam lined, custom fit packing. 

Safely packed life long product


Perfect for Handheld Shooting

Quality and reliability now covers the blackmagic cinema camera

Work Small, Think Big


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