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  • CAMTREE Hunt FS700 Pro Cage Kit

CAMTREE Hunt FS700 Pro Cage Kit

  • Brand: Camtree
  • Product Code: KSR4528
  • Availability: Ships Within 2-14 Working Days
  • RM4,690.00 ( All prices inclusive 0% GST. )

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Excellent mounting accessory can improve the camera’s operation!

Our Ready to Shoot Camtree Hunt FS700 Advance shoulder kit for Sony NEX FS700 Camera is an extremely stable setup for solid shots and comfortable all-day shooting.

Priced under $900, the Camtree Hunt FS700 Advance shoulder kit offers huge advantages to the indie filmmaker which brings out more potential of the camera in different shooting styles.

Multiple configurations are an added advantage that comes packed along style.

Just mount your precious FS700 camera on to your new FS700 shoulder kit and see the difference. 

Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

You will enjoy flaunting it. 

Functionality meets sophistication. The reviews are in. Our FS-700 Kit is a perfect match for Sony NEX-FS700.
->  Best designed shoulder rig in today’s market
->  Perfect fit for Sony NEX-FS700 Camera
->  All new craftsmanship
->  Easy to set up- easier to use
->  Versatile, lightweight, affordable and best of all
->  It's from CAMTREE


Easy FS700 mount top plate with convenient handle has multiple mounting options. Using the two ¼” mounting points on the camera top, provides for a secure and stable connection. 


->  CH-1 Shoulder Rig with FS700 Baseplate
->  FS700 Top Plate with Handle
->  MB-20 (CF) Matte Box
->  X2 Follow Focus
->  EVF Mount

Robust yet lightweight piece of equipment to compose your shots
Exclusive of Camera & View Finder


->  Light but robust components.
->  Perfect Eye Level
->  Comfortable shoulder pad - easily removable.
->  EVF mount supports additional viewfinders.
->  FS700 Top Plate provides extra accident protection.
->  MB-20(CF) is designed to fit 15mm rods with an o/d of 105mm.
->  Specially designed for Sony NEX-FS700 Camera.
->  Top and Bottom support are adjustable for optical center.
->  Easy to use, full swing away feature when not in use.
->  Fully adjustable flags (barn doors).
->  X-2 has newly designed gearbox for precision play-free performance.

Soft grip handles provide you with an easier and more comfortable way of following action

->  Fit Rail diameter - 15mm
->  CNC precision made metallic construction with a carbon fiber hood.
->  Mounting rods are aluminum - precision made to standard specifications
->  CNC made camera mount plate, knobs and rod support
->  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4", 3/8 "
->  Battery plate with threaded screw mounts of 1/4"
->  4 pc 300mm Female Threaded Rods
->  2 pc 100mm Male Threaded Rods
->  Center to Center span of 60mm
->  Metal camera plate with tripod mount plate


Super comfortable equipment with creativity –boosting features


Fully adjustable CNC photographic rubber, skid proof universal handle grips with dual lock for 15mm/19mm rail rod systems. Our dual jointer FS700 rig handles can be adjusted to any angle using the provided rosette lock system.


CNC machined from lightweight aluminium alloy and hard anodized in black to provide a finish which is highly durable, and very resistant to scratching. It allows you to connect any of our threaded 15mm rods together. Easy Connection, just simply screw it to one rod firstly, then please connect the second rod and it's done.


Sony NEX-FS700 Top Plate with convenient FS700 handle, provides multiple mounting options for personal choice accessories.

You can configure the all-new FS700 baseplate in many ways allowing shooters to achieve perfect balance for handheld use or when on a tripod.



A Slipless Shoulder Pad for comfort and stable shooting with ribs for unique feel of grip.



An adjustable mounting system for V-Mount and other batteries. Several 1/4” threaded holes allow attachment of rod clamps, cheese plates, and more. You can tilt the battery plate or can slide up-down using the provided adjusting knobs.

Masterfully engineered FS700 Matte Box 20(CF) with full swing away feature and French flags enables the user to get cinematic effects. You can adjust and alter this Matte Box according to your need. It’s compatible to go with any other accessory. A masterpiece with quality worked on is a perfect companion for your FS700 rig kit. 



You can adjust the height of this FS700 Matte Box matching to the height of your camera lens. Also achieve vertical movement of up to 29mm.



An extra-long top flag allows added protection from direct or indirect extraneous light.

SIDE BARN DOORS                                                                                                                     Our FS700 Matte Box lens hood has side barn doors with a height adjustment feature for extra control.



This FS700 Matte Box has two 4"x 4" filter holders for use with polarizers and a combination of square filters. The rotating filter holder enables user to remove or install a square filter without disturbing microphone or flash settings.


Our Camtree Matte Box with rod support attaches to your camera lens with a soft, cushioned foam lens ring. Only this 'donut' meets with the lens barrel protecting your valuable lenses from the bumps and grinds of everyday production.


In keeping with the technological advances in image capture Camtree has recently introduced their new Camtree follow focus X2 kit. A quality, full featured, fast focus product, equal to the most modern DV/HDV/DSLR camera lenses available today. Fully assembled with precision control and the accuracy demanded by shooters everywhere the X2 is another hi-quality kit unit. 

An extremely accurate follow focus that allows the assistant to pull focus


->  Gear driven design for slip-free, accurate movement time
     after time.
->  Magnetic position indicator.
->  X-2 has a newly designed gearbox for play-free
->  Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens
->  Allows focusing lenses to be geared and used with FS700      follow focus industry standard 0.8 module.
->  The 6 gear rings allow the use of standard lenses with our




->  Construction of follow focus - aluminum black anodized
->  Drive gear- aluminum silver anodized
->  Gear rings made up of industrial grade ABS
->  Fit rail diameter - 15mm
->  Drive gear diameter - 38mm.
->  Dial outside diameter - 80mm (of white wheel)
->  Follow focus wt. - 310gms
->  Weight with packing - 1.5kgs
->  Magnetic marking disk
->  Whip made of steel spring, with high grade plastic fittings
->  Length of whip: 15"/380mm
->  Connector size of whip: 12mm x 12mm

It's a compact and versatile mounting system that allows you to mount almost any EVF on to a camera. This mini-mount provides a secure, lightweight interface that allows vertical adjustment for comfortable ‘eye level’ viewing. 

CNC constructed ideal for any EVF


->  360 degree tilting of mounting bracket.
->  CNC made construction.
->  Multiple mounting options - LCD monitors, Fire store, H4N
     Sound recorder and more.
->  Mounting bracket uses ¼" standard threads settings.
->  Multiple mounting options.


->  Rod size - 14cm
->  Weight - 210g
->  Rod built from lightweight but sturdy aluminum

Serves you in capturing high resolution shots


High strength aluminium construction ball give superb strength


Superior hand feeling and sturdy construction for your long-term use                                                                      


The support adapter assembly can be used with any standard 15mm rod


->  Support adapter made from - CNC
->  Max Length of Support Rod - 2.3 ft
->  Load capacity - 5kg
->  Rod supporting - 15mm


Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

The Camtree 1450 Case, Black w/foam is water and dust repellent, crafted from padlock shielders and stainless steel components, providing high protection to your valuable assets of production. 
The customized sturdy case, long-lasting and potent has been built from ultrahigh-impact copolymer with a strong wall design featuring an open cell core. 
Changes in air temperature and pressure are dealt through sealed off ABS latches and O-ring consisting of an automatic purge valve which allows rapid equalization. 
The size of the robust yet lightweight case makes it perfect for even bigger and heavier cameras and accessories. 


->  Secure, strong and waterproof.
->  Easily unfastened - dual throw latches.
->  Pick and Pluck with convoluted lid foam.
->  Black matte finishing.
->  Lifetime quality assurance.

Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

 Outer Dimensions (L X W X D), in  20"x25"x8"  14"x12"x5"
 Inner Dimensions (L X W X D), in  18"x17"x5.5"  12"x9"x3.5"
 Lid Depth, in  2"  1.25"
 Bottom Depth, in  5.5"  3.5"
 Weight  3kgs.  1.2kgs.



Designed to provide mounting options for the growing number of accessories

Trendy creation keeps your DSLR or camcorder fixed steady on your shoulder

Robust mounting solution to shield your camera

Enables the video professional to maximize coverage in every shot
Exclusive of Camera, View Finder, Battery, DC Power Cable, Tripod Stand, Fluid Head & Mic
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