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  • FalconEyes Saber ONE Handle LED light stick 4 Color

FalconEyes Saber ONE Handle LED light stick 4 Color

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1. A handheld LED light stick with the new mutual control technology, it is 
   designed with three group control channels (A, B, C) in order to adjust 
   multiple lights simultanerously or in groups. 
2. User-friendly, designed with 4 different color temperature that are often 
   used as quick selection to facilitate the outdoor photography, 
3. Built-in battery, 7.4V, 4600mAh; aluminum housing,  good heat dispersion,
    Dimmable power output through convenient output knob.
4. Perfect for multi-lights installation, with the optional accessories X-Bracket, 
    four lights installed simultanerously
5. Accessories include grid handle, kit bag, charger
6. It is very handy and flexible, easy to carry around and suitable for portait as 
   a gift.

Operating Instruction:
Color Temperature(CCT)
1. 4 pre-set CCT are built-in : 3200K, 5000K, 5600K, 8000K so that user can 
    switch to desired CCT easily.
2. By pressing the CCT Button, user can switch to the preferred CCT, corres-
   ponding indicating light will light up.

Mutual Control Function
1. SA1 employs mutual control function in three channels: A/B/C, lights in the 
   same channnel can be controlled. For example, set all the lights to the same 
   channel A and control them via one of the 1 SA1 or set to channel B and C with 
   different settings.
2. Press the channel button to adjust to different channels, or turn off the mutual 
   control function, corresponding indicating light will light up.


Model: Saber One(SA1)
LED Quanity: 360pcs
Color Temperature: 3200K, 5000K, 5600K, 8000K
LUX: 2M(2200)/ 1M(8300)/ 0.5M(24000)
Illuminating Distance: 5M
CRI: 90+
Li-ion Battery: 7.4V, 4600mAh
Charging Time: Approx. 3.5h
Working Time: Approx. 1h(at max output)
Dimension: 605*60*50mm/ 23.82*2.36*1.97in
Weight: 0.951kg/ 33.54oz

in the box

1* Falcon Saber One Light Stick

1* Handle
2* Connectors
1* Charger
1* User Manual
1* Carrying Bag

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