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Thank you for purchasing the eNAS Green GenSet Plus. This product is specially designed to provide both AC and DC power supplies meant for most portable appliances and devices. The built-in battery can be charged by normal grid AC supply though the AC charging cable provided, or by any 18V solar panel.

This user manual provides the general instructions and guidelines on the usage of the system. The eNAS Green GenSet Plus can be used for the following applications:

• Hawker stalls

• Fishing boats

• Outdoor activities like BBQ, camping, etc.

• Emergency lamps or search floodlights

• Outdoor video shooting

• Site services

• Multipurpose charger for small power tools, notebooks, tablets and handphones.

• Solar power system for farm houses or remote guard posts.

The eNAS Green GenSet Plus is a device that provides 230V AC output, 12V DC output and 5V USB output supplies anywhere, anytime and as and when needed. It uses the built-in high capacity Lithium-ion battery to generate the 230V AC which can be used to power up most electrical appliances such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, floodlights, light bulbs, cameras, LCD TV, audio/video players, fans and other electrical devices with a total power consumption of less than 150W. The system incorporate built-in intelligence to controls all the vital functions and protect the system from any misuse.

2. Functional Overview • When the battery reaches its low level, the eNAS Green GenSet Plus will be automatically switched off and must be recharged. • The eNAS Green GenSet Plus has LCD Display to indicate system in normal operating condition, in Low battery condition, in charging mode and battery full charged status. • The eNAS Green GenSet Plus comes with a durable handle for ease of carrying.

3. Getting Started

3.1. Key Components

Please check the content of the package to ensure that all the components are included: • eNAS Green GenSet Plus unit • AC Power Cord

3.2. Charging

Please remember to always fully charge the Green GenSet plus before use. The Green GenSet Plus can be charged by the AC main supply via the AC power cord provided in the package, or it can be charged by Solar Panel via a DC charging cable (optional). During charging, the LED display will show flashing bars on the screen. Once it is fully charged the flashing will stop showing all 5 bars permanently. The eNAS Green GenSet Plus will take approximately 5 hours to be fully charged

3.3. Battery Lifespan

The eNAS Green GenSet Plus internal battery lifespan may vary depending on usage/operating conditions. Usage time is depending on total load connected to it. Higher load means shorter usage time. To check the Green GenSet Plus battery capacity left, switch it on without any load. The LCD display will turn on displaying 5 battery bar levels. 5 bars mean unit is fully charged, whilst 1 bar means low battery. Should the LCD display could not turn on at all, the unit is likely fully discharged and must be recharged immediately. Always remember to charge the unit to full capacity before storage. Low capacity may cause cell damage over long storage period.

4. Operating the Green GenSet

Before connecting any electrical appliances or devices to the eNAS Green Genset Plus, please make sure that the total combined power consumption is less than 150W.

Connect the electrical appliance or device to the 3-pin AC output socket of eNAS Green Genset Plus, turn the “DC OFF AC” Switch to the AC position. The connected appliance or device should be operating. If the output shut down immediately after the AC output is turned on, then please double check if the total power consumption is exceeding the 150W maximum power limit. Unplug all the loads and check that the LCD display can be turned ON again without load. If the LCD display cannot be turned on, please reset the unit by using the AC power cord provided to charge the unit momentarily.

6. Cautions

Failure to follow the safety and handling instructions below may result in battery damaged, overheating, explosion and/or fire.

-Do not expose Green GenSet Plus to water or allow it to get wet.

-Do not short circuit the AC output terminals of the Green GenSet Plus with any metal object (short circuit).

-Do not subject the Green GenSet Plus to extreme impact or shocks.

-Do not use, recharge, place or store the Green GenSet Plus near sources of heat such as fire, heater, inside cars under hot weather, direct sunlight, in microwave oven or pressurized container.

-Do not attempt to dismantle or modify the Green GenSet Plus in any way.

-Do not recharge the Green GenSet Plus near the fire or in extremely hot conditions.

-Switch off the Green GenSet Plus immediately if it gives off an odor, generates heat, deformed or appears abnormal in any way.

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