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  • FILMCITY DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit FC-02|Stability|Comfort|Balance
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FILMCITY Shoulder Rig Kit with Matte Box for DSLR Cameras

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Key Features

  • Modular shoulder rig with 15mm rod system for small and DSLR cameras
  • Consists of a top handle, cage, shoulder pad, matte box, handgrips, and baseplate
  • Camera plate with 1/4"-20 mounting screw and baseplate features a 1/4"-20 tripod mounting thread
  • Includes matte box that fits up to 95mm lens diameter with nun's knicker, top and side flags, and two 4 x 4" filter trays
  • Includes shoulder support with offset rod block and 2 lb counterweight
  • Dual rubber handgrips allow a secure and comfortable hold
  • Multiple cable clamps prevent camera cables from pulling

Turn your DSLR camera into a motion picture camera rig with this Shoulder Rig Kit with Matte Box from FILMCITY. The kit includes a camera cage, a top handle, a baseplate, a matte box with three flags, a shoulder support, multiple rods with an offset rod block, a 2 lb counterweight, and dual handgrips.

The baseplate and top handle are attached using 15mm rods that allow for easy adjustment and further rig expansion. The included cable locks minimize the chance of your cables being yanked out inadvertently while recording, also preventing damage to the ports of your camera. The cage that surrounds the camera is modular and can adjust to fit the size of your camera and accessories. The baseplate features a 1/4"-20 tripod mounting thread and a quick release plate with a 1/4"-20 camera mounting screw.

The matte box accommodates any standard or wide-angle lens up to 95mm in diameter to help block stray light, and it includes a "nun's knickers" lens coupling to prevent any light at the connection. It also holds up to two 4 x 4" filters in its rotating filter holders. Top and side flags allow you to block sunlight and artificial light sources to prevent glare.

Also included are multiple 15mm rods to connect all the units, as well as an offset rod block to attach the shoulder pad in a position so the camera is in front of the operator. A 2 lb counterweight is included to offset additional weight of the camera. 

In the Box

  • FILMCITY Shoulder Rig Kit with Matte Box for DSLR Cameras
  • Proaim Camera Sunshade Matte Box
  • 3 x Rod with Female Thread (11.8")
  • 2 x Rod with Male Thread (11.8")
  • Handlebar with Female Thread (11.8")
  • 2 x Rod with Female Thread (7.8")
  • 2 x Rod with Male Thread (5.9")
  • 2 x Rod with Male Thread (3.9)
  • 2 x Cage Bracket (9")
  • 2 x Junction Rod Adapter
  • Z-Bracket
  • Straight Bracket
  • Front Handle Bracket
  • 4 x Cable Clamp
  • Baseplate with Quick Release Plate
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Counterweight (2 lb)
  • 2 x Rubber Handgrip
  • Tripod Mounting Plate
  • Tool Kit
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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