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Flycam Junior JR - New Model For Flycam DSLR Nano

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It is portable enough that you can simply pick up and start using this mini DSLR stabilizer for shake-free videos.

Buy it now and have a great travelling companion.

->Rugged, Lightweight, handheld steadycam
->Telescopic sled for perfect balancing
->Easy to use and fast set up
->Transform your hard to watch, shaky camera footage into
hypnotically smooth, professional footage
->Shoot incredibly smooth & graceful shots
->Miracle device for budget-conscious independent filmmakers


->Flycam Junior DSLR Camera Stabilizer


->Perfect balance made easy by adjusting system weights.
->Secure weight attachment to the plate by ¼ screw.
->Fully adjustable telescopic sled for perfect balance.
->Comfort grip for DSLR stabilization no more shaky cams
and blurred pictures.
->Easily get that 'perfect' shot in any camera position


->DSLR Stabilizer constructed of cast aluminum with a black
powder coating
->Industrial grade Camera Platform knobs
->Fatigue free soft hand-grip foam
->Balancing weights made of MS & powder coating
->Weight disc diameter - 65mm
->Weight thickness - 4.5mm
->Fastening screw - 1/4
->Single disc weight - 95 grams
->Diameter of sled - 23mm
->Matt black mini DSLR stabilizer

Flycam Junior Camera Stabilizer


The Camera Baseplate has both 1/4" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate all variety of camera bases. You can slide your camera with baseplate of hand held steadycam on both the horizontal and vertical axes, achieved by means of thumbscrews and a movable camera baseplate.


Moves back to front, and side to side, quickly allow you to adjust horizontal balance of camera. By varying the counterweight discs on the base platform you can adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.


Wheelbarrow bearing provides rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement. The handgrip swivels left and right from the bolt. You can easily move whole hand held steadycam up and down. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.


The handle of Flycam Junior DSLR Camera Stabilizer provides an easy to grip surface and can be manipulated up and down as well as from side to side.


This DSLR steadycam contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this hand held steadycam. You can add or remove weights as per your requirement.


Hi tensile strength Aluminum construction for lightweight, durable performance you can count on. The Telescopic Post of Flycam Junior DSLR Camera Stabilizer extends from 37cm to a full rise height of 55cm to adjust the balance weight of the camera.

By varying the amount of Counter Weights on the Base Platform, or by changing the length of the no-tools telescoping Central Post, you adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.


Flycam Junior Mini DSLR Stabilizer comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.

Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

Handy and Small Enough to Take Anywhere

Professional Handheld Stabilizer - Very effective, high quality steadicam offering light, agile, seamless shooting for today's modern technology.

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