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Proaim Zeal Camera Slider 3FT 80cm

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Astonishingly fast, stunningly compact and amazingly precise video gear allows you to shoot impressive smooth stills and movies in a more efficient and effective way.

Inspired by Beautiful design, intelligent state-of-art technology, and top-of-the-line performance in every detail without a single compromise in quality.

Spectacular wide rail design and wide spread bearings underneath trolley platform offers premium stability while tracking your shots.

Ideal for those who need a simple yet creative way to get more bang for their work…

Travel ready, outdoor inspired and flexible just like you!! 

Great way to capture low angle footage while keeping the slider out of view!

->  Creative Expression for Smooth and silent slides
->  Capture Horizontal / Angled / Vertical Shots
->  Foldable legs for rapid set
->  Universal camera mount
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee



This versatile system is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. You can position the camera slider slanted at various angles on the tripod and capture smooth, diagonally moving shots. Our new 'proaim zeal 3ft camera Slider' offers a wider rail than typical narrow track video sliders. Its unique folding legs design uses metal gears meshed together for rapid setup. When it's time to pack away, there are no extra parts to disassemble or lose. At the end of each leg is an adjustable rubber padded foot to prevent table scratches and to level your slider when working on uneven ground. 



The slider platform rides on wheels with bearings, and it is captive in the track bed. This allows you to flip the track over and get that inverted shot without worrying that the carriage will fall off the tracks. The roller bearing trolley system features a side mounted brake that locks your slider on a static position and bubble level measure your horizon. Moreover it has an option for both 3/8" and 1/4" screws on the carrier, so no need for ball heads and fluid head and no camera plate dismantling required, every time you shoot. That saves you from hassle and time. 






Ball-bearing wheels create a stable & smooth movement throughout. The bearings are trapped within the railings so you can use the slider for inverted (upside down) tracking shots. These bearing offers you smooth, quite sliding and fluid feel.



Our unique folding leg design uses metal gears meshed together for rapid setup. The legs with adjustable rubber padded foot provide height adjustment for leveling, and are articulated, allowing you to adjust them for uneven surfaces.

Our new 'Zeal Slider' offers a wider rail than typical narrow track video sliders



PROAIM ZEAL 3ft camera slider comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.


Meet true portability and always be prepared for spontaneous action




Capture quick, smooth short-run dolly shots more easily than ever



Ensures smoothest movements, no matter where you shoot

Creative platform offers high degree stability even in toughest situations

Exclusive of Camera, Mic, Camera cage and Fluid Head



->  Weight - 2.8kg 
->  Length  - 37" 
->  Load Capacity - 20lbs
->  Supports Inverted Operation 
->  Oil-filled Bearings 
->  3/8" & 1/4'' Male Thread to mount Ball Head or Fluid Head (not included) 
->  High-Grade Aluminum Construction 

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