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YISHI 15 inch Folding Portable Teleprompter for Mobile Phone Tablet Ipad News Interview Live Speech

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Key Features

  • Foldable, lightweight, small size. Equipped with an air box for easy carrying and ensuring the safety of the beam splitter and other components.
  • Universal models, modular, different styles can be easily converted. It can be self-supporting, can be integrated, and can be used with simple brackets. It can be used with professional large tripods, single screen and double screen. (Customers who need dual screen, please contact customer service)
  • With the use of ipads, tablets and mobile phones below 15 inches.
  • The angle of the hood of the literator is adjustable, and the adjustable range is 30°--90°, which is easier to adapt to the height of the host.
  • Professional word finder spectroscope, precise split ratio, multi-layer dielectric coating, anti-reflection, no color difference, high definition, good light transmission, no ghosting, high quality, even in a very bright environment, the image is still clear .
  • This section adopts cold-rolled steel ordinary bracket, multi-lock structure, stable and safe, adjustable height of 1.2-1.6 meters. (If you need to configure other tripods, you can contact customer service.)
  • The inscription is suitable for wide-angle lens, support mobile phones, SLR cameras, home cameras, small DV cameras, large DV cameras and other models.
  • The word processor software can set the uniform speed of scrolling, text size, color. Can be combined with remote control handle and Bluetooth keyboard control software.


1, TV stations, schools, corporate institutions, individuals, network red anchors, etc...

2, with the use of mobile phones, ipads, tablets. Applicable to a variety of shooting models, and supports wide-angle lens shooting.

In The Box

  1. Imported ultra-thin beam splitter -1 block
  2. Foldable shading Covers - 1 set
  3. High-strength lightweight pallets - 1 set
  4. High-end portable air box -1
  5. Bluetooth remote control -1
  6. One-piece kit -1 set
  7. Dedicated pallets -1
  8. Dedicated tripod-1set
  9. Related accessories - 1 set

 Not included

  1. Ipad / tablet 
  2. Camera

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